TC Fluid Control achieves accreditation to ISO 3834-2

TC Fluid Control achieves accreditation of our welding quality system to ISO 3834-2
Supporting products manufactured under the Pressure Equipment Directive, TC Fluid Control has also achieved accreditation covering ‘Quality requirement for fusion welding of metallic materials’, namely ISO 3834. Due to the nature of the products fabricated, the comprehensive quality requirements ISO 3834-2 approach was selected.
Welding is considered as a 'Special Process', which means that its quality cannot be readily verified and its successful application requires specialist management, personnel and procedures above and beyond those that are considered for general quality systems such as ISO 9001.
Accreditation to ISO 3834 is not only a market driven requirement, but also a valuable asset in ensuring that a quality product is placed onto the market. With the support of our sister company KSR Kuebler, this was achieved within 6 months.
Compliance aids preparation for formal quotations, especially in the Oil and Gas industry and meets all of the customer weld quality requirements.
Implication has enhanced a number of beneficial attributes including quality, control of fabrication and processes, quality records, inspection and testing, identification and traceability and most importantly, welding personnel (welders and welding coordinators).
Adapting to this standard has also contributed to improvements in the manufacturing process with increased productivity and cost reduction.
The welding quality system is also monitored by the recognised welder coordinators (RWC-C/RWC-S) which conducts regular internal audits thus ensuring compliance to the standard. The statutory annual audits are covered by the Notified Body.
TC Fluid Control is leading the way in mechanical level measurement standards to meet and exceed our customer expectations.

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