Oil Separator Package - Guided Wave Radar & Magnetic Level Gauge

Customer: Skid Manufacturer – North of England

Duty: Oil separator package  

Liquid: Oil at SG 0.9 and Water at SG 1.0, Pressure: 5 Bar g, Temperature: - ambient

Application: Due to physical space restrictions the client was looking for a compact solution that would monitor the top level of oil as it separated from water within the process.

 Complete Package: MLG &; Radar  LevelSure Device
Complete Package LevelSure Device


Solution: TCFC solution was to design one of our compact LevelSure devices to fit within the confines of the skid.  The unit was installed to cover the range of the hood which was situated on top of the separator vessel.

By covering this range the guided wave radar is able to monitor the collection of oil and once it rises to a predetermined level it will operate a control valve situated downstream and draw off the oil.

Once the level of the oil reduces back to a minimal value the control valve is closed and the process begins to repeat.

The solution required special materials in Hastelloy, Duplex and Sanicro 28.  It also required full butt weld construction and 100% x-ray of all welds.