Measuring Mercury using Magnetic Level Indicator & Guided Wave Radar

Customer: Gas Terminal – Western Australia

Duty: Mercury Collecting Receivers  

Liquid: Mercury at SG 13.6 and Hydrocarbon Condensate at SG 0.8Pressure: 76 Bar g, Temperature: - 75 °C

Application: Mercury is required to be separated from Hydrocarbon Condensate and recovered in collecting vessels. The client needed to have local visual indication of the interface level between the two substances; they also required remote level indication via a Guided Wave Radar device. Once the Mercury reached a predetermined level (which could take upwards of 6 months) it was drawn off to safe storage.

Special float design to work with Mercury

Special float design to work with Mercury

Solution: TC Fluid Control proposed our LevelSure product which consists of a combined Magnetic Level Indicator with Guided Wave Radar. Due to the specific gravity of the mercury being much greater than a standard application, a bespoke float was designed.  We also engineered an Instrument Chamber with three process connections to ensure the fluid levels in the chamber fully represented the levels found in the Mercury collecting vessel.

The solution required a fully butt welded construction, 100% x-ray of all welds, PMI and painting.