Chemical Tank - Magnetic level & Magnetostrictive Transmitter

Customer: Silicone ManufacturerChemical tank with displacer level transmitter

Duty: Methylene Chloride Level Control Upgrade

Liquid: Methylene Chloride, Pressure 22.7 Bar, Temperature 30 deg C, SG 0.928
Application: Client was looking to replace an existing displacer level transmitter and glass level gauge installed in the process, utilising existing process connections
Solution: Following a site survey, a TC Fluid Control magnetic level gauge was installed, enabling the level to be seen more clearly than the existing glass tube device. The level gauge was fitted with a KMS2 magnetostrictive level transmitter, providing a 4-20mA output of the level, replacing the displacer. Magnetostrictive transmitters provide accurate measurement of the process level, and do not require the regular recalibration that must be carried out with displacers. The magnetostrictive transmitter is mounted to the outside of the level gauge, completely outside of the process media, enabling any maintenance to be carried out without the need to isolate and drain the process.