Condenser Level - Magnetic Level & Magnetostrictive Transmitter

Customer: Power StationDifferential pressure devices monitoring the level on a condenser.

Duty: Condenser Level Control

Liquid: Water, Pressure -29” Hg Bar, Temperature 40 deg C, SG 1.0
Application: The client was experiencing issues with differential pressure devices monitoring the level on a condenser. They also wanted to upgrade the existing glass tube level gauges and add a new method of remotely monitoring the level
Solution: A site survey was carried out to ensure that the TC Fluid magnetic level gauge could be fitted in the restricted space. A magnetic level gauge, complete with magnetostrictive level transmitter was installed, providing accurate retransmission of the level and visibility of the process under vacuum conditions. TC Fluid Control provide free site surveys for level gauge and level transmitter replacement on existing plant, ensuring problem free installation.