Diesel Dye Tank - Monitoring using a Magnetic Level Gauge

Diesel Dye TankCustomer: Oil Refinery - South Wales

Duty: Diesel Dye Tank

Liquid: Red Diesel Dye. Pressure: Atmospheric. Temperature: Ambient
Application: A number of tanks were fitted with glass level gauges to show the diesel level, after a short period of time these became stained and it became very difficult to see the level of the liquid inside.

Solution: Magnetic level gauges were proposed due to the display not being in contact with the process fluid, the result being no issue with discolouration. An added benefit is the display on a magnetic level gauge is much more visible than a glass level gauge, resulting in much easier determination of the level from a greater distance.

A free site survey was carried out to ensure that the gauges would not interfere with any of the surrounding pipework, the added advantage to this is the gauges could be designed to straight swap with the glass units resulting in no pipework modifications.