Drum Washer - Magnetic Level Indicator & Clip-On Transmitter.

Customer: Metallic pigment manufacturer - Scotland
 Drum washer in metallic pigment manufacturer
Duty: Drum Washer - Monitoring & controlling using a Magnetic Level Indicator & clip-on transmitter.
Media: primarily D40, with small amounts of oleic acid and aluminium metal.
Pressure: atmospheric
Temperature: ambient (10 – 20oC)
Specific gravity: 0.78 – 0.82
Application: The client wanted to improve the level instrumentation on an existing Drum Washer Tank to provide both visual level indication and a 4-20ma output signal. This signal was then used to operate the Drum Washer Tank filling solenoid valve. Process media being in the main D40 White spirit , preference was for a non-intrusive Transmitter.
 Drum Washer
Solution:  A Magnetic Level Gauge, with clip-on transmitter. As the Drum Washer Tank had no available process connections and to ensure that the required level range was covered.  The gauge assembly was configured so that the process connection was from the tank drain. The gauge body then rose vertically to a point where it connected to the tank vent line. Ensuring coverage of Level range with both the Gauge and Transmitter. Tank Draining was not impaired as the Gauge assembly was configured with an in-line Drain. The clear visual indication of the Gauge Display wafers, the compliance of both the Transmitter and Gauge to ATEX with the ability to configure to suit the application and size envelope available were seen as being key factors in the Solution Choice.