High Pressure Sampling Skid - Monitor using a Magnetic level gauge

Customer: Scottish Specialist Skid Manufacturer
Duty: High Pressure Sampling Skid, for Hydro Carbon Multi phase production fluids.
Process Parameters: Design Pressure of 300 Bar, Design Temp of - 20 Deg C > 120 Deg C.
Application: Due to the High pressure design parameter of 300 Bar, and the clients piping specifications, a high pressure clamp type fitting was requested for both process connections, gauge to be connected via top / bottom connections. Welding and testing of the clamp fitting method to the chamber would need to be to an agreed and stringent specification. Gauge chamber material and construction would need to be suitable for Operation of the magnetic level gauge and compliant with the Design pressure and Process conditions. Gauge also to be suitable for ATEX, Zone 2.
Solution: A TC Fluid Control, Magnetic Level Gauge, built in 6 Mo, NACE MR-01-75 compliant material with Butt Weld construction and high pressure Duplex Hub assemblies for Both top and bottom process connections. ATEX Compliant to 94/9/EC, Zone 2. High Pressure Sampling SkidHigh Pressure Sampling Skid