Hot Well Tank Level - Magnetic Level & Switches

Customer:  Hospital Steam Boiler House, Scotland.

Duty. Hotwell tank Level Indication & Cold water make up feed level control.
Application: The Client wished to improve the visual level indication of their Hotwell water level and to also provide point switching to operate a solenoid valve to control the flow of cold water make up as required.  Furthermore as the Hotwell tank was situated at height above a walkway, there was need for the instrument to be of a robust construction and to resist shock effects caused by live steam and thermal expansion. The unit must be sealed for safety as the Hotwell water temperatures could be in excess of 80oC. These were all key factors to choosing a suitable solution.
The TC Fluid Control Magnetic Level Gauge offers high temperature resistance, a solid construction and clear external indication. The red & white wafers are held within a separate external Indication unit that can be rotated through 360 Degrees for ease of sight to the operator. Combined with the TC Fluid Control Magnetic Gauge we installed a high and low level externally mounted switch on to the gauge body.  These are triggered by the internal float passing up and down the chamber and operating the switch via proximity, this in turn operates the solenoid control valve which manages the flow of cold water feed into the hot well tank.