Interface Level Measurement - PTFE Lined Magnetic Level Gauge

Customer: Silicon PlantPTFE lined Magnetic level gauge

Duty: Interface Level Measurement - Monitoring interface level with a PTFE lined Magnetic level gauge

Media:  Upper Fluid: EBB Silicon Oil SG: 0.760. Lower Fluid: 35% HCI SG: 1.088
Pressure: 1.2 Bar, Temperature: 50 deg C
Application: Visual indication of the process was required during the start up phase.  High levels of HCl present a number of challenges with the main one being corrosion resistance. PTFE lined Magnetic level gauge
Solution: With a concentration of 35% HCl in the process, the client’s pipe specification called for tantalum contact parts.  This isn't something that can be applied to level gauge technology so we looked for a more cost effective solution, particularly as this was only required during the stat-up process.  TC Fluid Control put forward a PTFE lined 316SS gauge, this alternative provides high corrosion resistance at a significantly lower cost. Combined with a PTFE coated float designed to sit at the interface of the HCl and the silicon oil, this provided the visual level indication required.