ESD Control System - Combined Magnetic Level Gauge & Guided Wave Radar

Application for LevelSure - combined Magnetic Gauge and Guided Wave Radar (MLG & GWR)

Chemical Company - Scotland

Magnetic Gauge and Guided Wave Radar (MLG &; GWR)

Duty: Emergency shut down (ESD) and control system monitoring of tank level.

Liquid: light hydrocarbons, SG 0.6, di-electric constant 1.4, Pressure: 14.8 Bar g, Temperature: 120 Deg C.

Application: Client wanted to replace a displacer, switch and glass level gauge to automate vessel control and to include a high level trip for ESD. This had been a problem application due to overfill during abnormal process condtions.

Solution: We delivered a LevelSure plus additional GWR bridle. Double isolation valves were provided between the gauges to allow for maintenance of each instrument individually without the necessity to isolate both instruments. The client was also able to calibrate the GWR instruments by use of the MLG in comparison to the GWR output. TCFC set up all instruments in its workshop for use on the tank as a ready assembled system.

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