RO/Pure Water Tank - Magnetic Level Indicator & Switches

Customer: Pharmaceutical / Optical products Manufacturer.

Duty: RO Water, 1 Bar Pressure, Temperature 23 Deg C.
Application: The client wished to improve the liquid level sensing within their RO water tanks, operating on a continuous loop. The requirement was to indicate both low level and high levels as well as to provide continuous level Indication. High and Low Level also provided a switch output. Due to the nature of the pharmaceutical process the materials of construction and a non-invasive solution were key factors.

Solution: The TC Fluid Control Magnetic Level Gauge provides clear visual level indication angled to be seen through an adjacent window. The unit was constructed in stainless steel and fitted with externally mounted switches. These switches are operated by the float contained within the chamber triggering the switch with a magnetic field. The switches are secured on to the gauge body via adjustable clips enabling the switch points to be altered without any disturbance to the process adding a further advantage to this solution.