Steam Boiler Level - Magnetic Level & Magnetostrictive Transmitter

Customer: Vegetable Oil Refinery (South East UK)

Duty: Steam Boiler Level Monitoring

Process: Water/Steam, Pressure 80 bar g, Temperature 298 deg C (Design Pressure 120 bar g)
Application: The client has a steam generator for a single application and 100% of the condensate is returned in a sealed system. They had experienced issues with loss of water from the system which were only picked up by the low level limiter. They were looking for an early warning solution to alert them so that action could be taken before the low level limit was reached .

Solution: A magnetic level gauge was used for local indication of the water level, with the gauge showing 100% full in normal operation. A magnetostrictive transmitter, attached to the side of the level gauge, provided the customer with a 4-20mA output of level and a means of remote monitoring. TC Fluid Control magnetic level gauges and magnetostrictive level transmitters provide reliable indication and monitoring of applications, even at high pressure and temperatures.