Steam Boiler Level - Magnetic Level & Guide Wave Radar

Customer: Oil Refinery - South Wales.Steam boiler tank level

Duty: Steam Boiler Level Monitoring & Control using Magnetic Level & Guided Wave Radar.

Media: Water/Steam, Pressure: 35 bar g, Temperature: 275 deg C
Application: The client was experiencing issues with the existing boiler level control technique and was looking for an alternative to the electrode based system that was installed.

Solution: The customer wanted to utilise the existing boiler gauge connections, so a combined magnetic level gauge and guided wave radar solution was offered. The guided wave radar has a run time error compensation system which compensates for the density of the steam and its effect on the speed of the wave, this provides a good level of control in an arduous application. The guided wave radar instrument is approved for use as a limiting device on steam boilers and can be used on steam applications up to 100 bar.