Steam Drum Level - Monitoring using a Magnetic Level Gauge

Customer: Leading Fertiliser Manufacturer

Duty: Steam Drum Level Monitoring

Liquid: Water/Steam, Pressure 42.5 bar g, Temperature 275 deg C
Application: The client was experiencing visibility and leak issues with the existing drum level indication and was looking for an alternative to the glass gauge that was installed.

Bespoke gauge products in wooden crate as delivered to the customerGauge connections inside a boiler












Solution: The customer wanted to utilise the existing boiler gauge connections, so a bespoke magnetic level gauge was designed to suit the clients existing process & dimensions.
The units were delivered securely in wooden crates to the clients specifications.Bespoke gauge products in wooden crate as delivered to the customer










Once installed, the process operators commented on the large indication and said they were “very easy to see”
They also were happy with the “float damage indicator” which is fitted as standard. This would show if there were any problems with the internal float system.
Insulation was included into the design to protect the indicator from the elevated process temperature.

 Internal boiler elements with new installation parts