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Magnetostrictive Transmitter

TC Fluid Control have spent many years developing their TC magnetostrictive transmitter into the reliable, high quality device it is today.

This liquid level transmitter is based upon the magnetostrictive measuring principle. The measurement process commences with a pulsing current through a wire made of magnetostrictive material, the magnet-fitted float sits upon the surface of the liquid being measured, when the pulse reaches the float position the liquid level can be calculated. This is an extremely accurate process, recording results within an eighth of a millimetre.

The TC Fluid Control magnetostrictive transmitter is easily calibrated and can be controlled in situ or remotely and is unaffected by temperature or corrosion.  The units are manufactured and tested in our facility in Swanley, Kent.

Easy to calibrate with pushbutton controls they are not affected by high temperatures, vacuum or foaming contents.

  • Increased reliability
  • Retrofit option to existing magnetic level indicators
  • In-tank design also available 
  • Microprocessor based 2-wire loop powered transmitter providing a 4-20MA current output relative to the liquid level
  • Continuous high accuracy measurements
  • Float failure alarm
  • Remote display and control
  • No media contact
  • Lengths of up to 6m as standard - specially engineered options for high pressure capability
  • Stainless Steel head unit as standard 
  • HART Communications (optional)
  • Approvals:  
    • Exia IIC T2-T6 BASEEFA 06 ATEX 0159X Ex II 1G IEC Ex BAS 06.0038X 
    • Exd IIC T2-T6 BASEEFA 09 ATEX 0085X Ex II 2G IEC Ex BAS 09.0027X



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KMS2 Magnetostrictive Tx Exd
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