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Displacer Operated Level Switches

Displacer Operated Level Switches can be used in high pressure environments due to their thicker walls in comparison to floats- because of this they are heavier than liquid and are therefore suspended from a spring. It is the protraction and retraction of this spring that leads to the triggering of the switch.

  • ‘In-tank’ or chamber mounted displacer operated switches.
  • Reliable positive latching action via a variety of mechanical switch mechanisms .
  • High pressure and temperature capability – up to ANSI 2500 (PN420) and up to 450ºC.
  • High switch current versions E Ex approved options ATEX compliant
  • Multiple switch points are possible
  • Very wide SG range
  • Wide range of resistant materials available
  • Can be used for ‘floating roof’ tanks

Data Sheet

TC Fluid Control NATD Document