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Magnetic Float Switch - Miniature

Model HLS-M

For horizontal installation, miniature design

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  • For level monitoring and level indication of liquids
  • Level measurement for almost all liquid media
  • Pump and level control
  • Alarm signals
  • Dry-run and overflow protection

Special features

  • Lateral installation in the tank
  • Plastic and stainless steel versions
  • Space-saving installation
  • Switch consists of only one component


With its compact design, the model HLS-M magnetic float switch for horizontal installation in miniature design is ideally suited for use in small tanks, for indicating minimum/maximum levels.

The float is attached to a supported, swivelling lever and moves with the level of the medium being measured. By means of a permanent magnet, when a preset switch point is reached, a reed contact (inert gas contact) is actuated.

By using a magnet and reed contact the switching operation is non-contact, free from wear and needs no power supply. The contacts are potential-free.

The switching function refers to a rising liquid level: Standard use as normally open contact (can be used as normally closed contact by a 180° rotation).

The magnetic float switch is simple to mount and maintenance-free, so the costs of mounting, commissioning and operation are low.

The following five magnetic float switches are available: Models HLS-M11, HLS-M12, HLS-M21, HLS-M22 and HLS-M23 (see data sheet).

Data Sheet

HLS-M Data sheet


HLS-M Operating Instructions