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Reflex Level Gauge

The Klinger Reflex Level Gauge is available in the range ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 1500, it is particularly suited for low pressure steam boilers, gas liquefaction plants, reactors or storage vessels.

The Reflex glass allows light to be absorbed in the liquid space giving a dark appearance and reflected in the gas space, thereby providing a clear indication of the liquid level.


  • ANSI & DIN ranges available.
  • ANSI Class 150 to ANSI class 1500 and DIN PN16 to PN400
  • Distinct Black and Silver indication
  • Temperature range -195˚C to +400˚C
  • Suitable for gas liquefaction plants, reactor vessels, low pressure boilers and storage vessels.



Data Sheet

Reflex Type - TC Fluid Control
Type A400 ISO PN400(Class2500)
Type MOR ISO PN16(Class 150)
Type R100 ISO PN100 (Class600)
Type R160 ISO PN160 (Class900)
Type R250 ISO PN250 (Class1500)
Type UOR ISO PN63 (Class400) - TC Fluid Control


Installation & Service Guide
Installation & Service Guide Weld On


Process Level Gauge Brochure