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Steam Level Gauges from Klinger

Klinger logoTC Fluid stock an incredible array of Klinger Level Gauges, and are actually the only supplier in the UK for Klinger Gauges for any applications. A range of types, as well as gauge accessories, are available below.

The Klinger Reflex glass level gauge provides maximum operator protection while displaying a clear indication of the liquid level for low-pressure applications.

Level Gauges for Steam Generation

To reduce the risk of boiler damage or carryover, level gauges are used to monitor the water level in the boiler. By expelling excess pressure, pressure relief valves safeguard the boiler and other machinery.

Klinger Transparent Steam Level Gauges

Above 22 bar, Klinger Transparent glass level gauges are used, fitted with extra thick micas to protect the glass. These gauges can be fitted with illuminators, a useful option, particularly in poorly lit areas.

For high-pressure applications, Klinger Bi-colour glass level gauges are available with illuminators to give either a red and green or black and white indication, particularly useful for remote viewing.

Bi-Colour Steam Level Gauge


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Steam Level Gauge Illuminators


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Reflex Type Steam Level Gauge

Reflex Level Gauge

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Transparent Type Steam Level Gauge

Transparent Level Gauge

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Steam Level Gauge Accessories


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