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TC Fluid Control manufacture a range of accessories for steam level gauges including illuminators, gauge glasses, micas, shields, gaskets, engraved scales and various other components. Read through the product details below or get in touch with a sales contact to find out more.

  • Fluorescent and L.E.D illuminator for transparent gauges available. 
  • Side connected gauge for continuous sight
  • Mica Protection for glasses on transparent gauge only
  • Micas are offered in accordance with ISO 218SV.5.1 stained A1 quality
  • Uninterrupted sight where blind spots are not permitted
  • Gauge glasses are supplied with extra hard borosilicate glass
  • Klinger gaskets
  • Non frost blocks to permit viewing through frost build up
  • Engraved scales calibrated to customer requirements
  • Specific Gravity glass floats
  • Heating systems to liquefy solids or crystalline structures


Steam Level Gauge Brochure - TC Fluid Control